Corinna Haimerl

Sales & Design Consultant

Corinna Haimerl is a design and sales consultant at Norelco Cabinets, who is passionate about all aspects of design. Originally from Germany, Corinna had always been drawn to Canada and finally made the move to this beautiful country in 2016. With more than eleven years of experience in cabinet, design and architecture, Corinna has honed her expertise in modern and minimalist styles, but she is equally proficient in a wide range of styles and is always eager to explore the diverse possibilities the industry offers.

Corinna’s background in design and architecture enables her to guide clients through all aspects of a home renovation or new build. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree from the most prestigious German University for Interior Architecture and Architectural Design and has worked with architects and designers in Europe, the US, and Canada. Corinna’s design philosophy is centered on creating unique spaces that meet her clients’ needs. She believes that every space is as individual as the people who live in it, and she follows the principle of form following function, guided by aesthetic. Corinna considers the kitchen to be the heart of the home and treats it accordingly, and she’s not afraid to break the rules to create the perfect space for her clients. As a member of the Norelco team, Corinna is dedicated to helping clients achieve their dream home.

In her free time, she enjoys driving her Harley Davidson throughout the Okanagan Valley and is a proud dog mom to her Golden Retriever, Lowna.


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