Norelco Styles

Whether you’re outfitting a kitchen renovation, a new build or an entire development, Norelco brings your unique story and style to life with an inspiring selection of customizable solutions, and the utmost care for your vision. 


Farmhouse spaces remind us of the simple things we all love: family and home cooking. With a range of textured, antique and chalked white cabinetry, bold hardware and thoughtful open shelving, Norelco creates a country-style space that’s practical, cozy and one-of-a-kind.

Country-Cottage Feature Project 

Modern - Contemporary

With sweeping horizontal lines, glossy white cabinetry, and rich natural or charcoal islands, modern spaces are a canvas for the ‘living’ you bring to them — the food, the faces, the cocktails, the laughter. Our lustrous woodgrain custom cabinets, solid finishes and sleek hardware allow you to reflect the now while letting the materials’ natural beauty shine through. 

Modern-Contemporary Feature Project

Rustic - Craftsman

The warmth and endurance of older, natural elements like timber, stone and brick can’t be underestimated. Flanked by the dense, striking patterns of cabinet woods such as hickory and butcher block, endless stain options, live edge finishes and the talents of our hand carvers, Norelco creates stylish and custom rustic spaces homeowners hate to leave. 

Rustic-Craftsman Feature Project

Traditional - Classic

Every inch elegant and grand, traditional designs call for craftsmanship and intricate details. Our selection of classic antique finishes, raised-panel cabinets and the ability to add curves and dimension with features such as arches and moldings give your space the best of the old world and your individual style.

Traditional-Classic Feature Project 

Tropical - Island

Breezy, relaxed and soothing, tropical spaces tell your guests this is a place to eat, drink and be merry. And yet a tropical space is anything but simple. With exotic hardwoods such as ebony, teak and mahogany, hand-carved lattice-style doors, mitered corners and rich, natural stains, Norelco brings the intricacy and beauty of nature to your space. 

Tropical-Island Feature Project

Customize Your Own

There are no limitations when it comes to style. Norelco can blend and invent aesthetics to create a space that perfectly reflects your individual style.