Blackwood West

Modern - Contemporary

Welcome to Blackwood West! This home was built by Edward West Luxury Homes with the help from Norelco Designer - Corinna Haimerl. Edward West is a family-owned, family-run custom home builder specializing in luxury homes, luxury renovations and acreage development. This architectural masterpiece is a prime example of a family home allowed to stretch out over the vast landscape, comfortably nestled into its setting. This contemporary estate features a main home and secondary suite that features Norelco Cabinets throughout with a masculinity flair with the use of Blackwood Melamine featured in the kitchen. 


Norelco Designer - Corinna Haimerl



  • Wood Type: Finsa Melamine
  • Door Style: Slab All
  • Finish: Blackwood
  • Hardware: Marathon 9322 Black



  • Wood Type: MDF
  • Door Style: Slab All
  • Finish: Vanilla Milkshake
  • Hardware: Marathon 9322 Black


Second Kitchen:

  • Tafisa Melamine - Tofino
  • Finsa Melamine - Gris Gu71A



  • Finsa Melamine - Roble Aurora
  • Melamine - Trytoo Savatre
  • Syncron - Cobalto




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