Modern - Contemporary

Welcome to The Onyx, a masterpiece by Isabey Interiors, in collaboration with Interior Designer Katie Nesbitt and Norelco Designer Corinna Haimerl. Prepare to be captivated by the seamless fusion of streamline aesthetics and striking design elements that define this contemporary kitchen.

At the heart of The Onyx lies the Norelco - AGT Melamine Matte Soft Touch Black Polymer 2S Cabinets. Their sleek and modern appearance sets the tone for this remarkable space. The bold choice of black creates a powerful visual impact.

To add a touch of distinct uniqueness, the island and fridge wall feature the exquisite Gold Ash Syncron finish. This pairing of materials creates a stunning contrast, where the darkness of the black cabinets meets the warmth and character of the gold ash. The interplay of these two finishes creates an intriguing visual dynamic that draws the eye and sparks conversation.


Norelco Designer - Corinna Haimerl


  • Wood Type: AGT & Syncron
  • Door Style & Finish: Slab in Matte Soft Touch Black Polymer 2S & Slab in Gold Ash




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