Pikake Palms Retreat

Tropical - Island

*Under Construction

Welcome to Pikake Palms Retreat, an exquisite project by Shoreline Views,featuring Norelco Cabinets throughout. Nestled on the enchanting island of Kauai, this home epitomizes the essence of Hawaiian luxury and tranquility.

The homeowners' vision was to transport the distinguished style of their Beverly Hills residence to Kauai. They envisioned a retreat that exudes elegance and serenity, while embracing the island of Kauai. From the graceful curvature details, including custom detailing in the entrance stairs, to the rich flooring and the exquisite Norelco Sapele cabinetry, every aspect of Pikake Palms Retreat reflects the island's natural splendor. Crafted from Qtr Sawn Sapele in A1 Architectural Grade and adorned with a Norelco Custom Stain in 10 Degree, the cabinetry adds warmth and sophistication to the interior spaces.

At Pikake Palms Retreat, the fusion of Hawaiian charm and refined elegance creates an oasis of unparalleled beauty. 





  • Door Style: Venner Slab - 1mm
  • Species: Qtr Sawn Sapele - A1 Architectural Grade
  • Colour: Hawaii #AR120816E - 10 Degree