Export Manufacturer Sales Representatives

Our qualified team expands beyond Canada and we are extremely proud of the team we have built on the Hawaiian Islands. 

Norelco Export Inquires 

David Blacklock

Hawaii (Oahu, Kauai & Maui) Manufacturer Sales Representative

David Blacklock has been actively involved in the development, product design, manufacturing, distribution and marketing of proprietary building products in North America for almost 35 years. Heavily involved in the Hawaiian Commercial and Residential Construction Markets for finishing products since 2006, with his fingerprints on a variety of signature projects over the years on all islands, he relocated to Honolulu from the Pacific Northwest in 2017.

David is an avid mountain biker, ex-surfer, and talks a better golf game than he plays. 

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For Norelco Cabinet inquiries on Oahu, Kauai, and Maui, please contact David here:




Jack Brushert

Hawaii (Big Island) Manufacturer Sales Representative

Jack Brushert is a seasoned Sales Professional dedicating his entire life to growing businesses through excellent customer service, insistence on customer satisfaction and earning their loyalty. Customers personally believe in the expertise and knowledge base he provides and the value added they receive from his wealth of knowledge and experience. Jack continues to deliver successful projects, build lasting relationships and friends in the luxury construction industry.

Jack has been a successful restaurateur, and also worked in corporate sales, as national sales manager for the Pebble Beach Resorts. Jack’s insistence on treating each client like a VIP and exceeding expectations grew an extensive portfolio of luxury group clients who returned again and again.

When not on the jobsite, Jack enjoys time on the golf course and toasting great friends over a good bottle of wine.


For Norelco Cabinet inquiries on the Big Island of Hawaii, please contact Jack here:



Peter Raja

Norelco's President and Export Sales Manager

Peter Raja and his partners acquired Norelco Cabinets in 2002. Under his leadership as President, Norelco transformed from a small plant with 20 employees into a 60,000 square foot facility with over 150 employees.

Peter's journey in the Hawaiian market began in 2011, leading to the first Hawaiian container shipment in 2012. Since then, he has facilitated monthly shipments, significantly growing Norelco's presence in Hawaii through exceptional product quality and outstanding customer service.

He believes in the importance of unity within the organization, stating, "We're all one family. It doesn't matter what your position is in the company—you're as important to the team as any one person." He views recessions as opportunities to build relationships that lead to future success.

Outside of work, Peter enjoys outdoor activities such as boating, camping, skiing, and sledding with his family and friends. He is also an avid supporter of the Montreal Canadiens and the Seattle Seahawks.



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