Hawaii - Kauai Oak Haven

Tropical - Island

Nestled within the enchanting landscapes of Kauai, Brian Andrew Construction presents a masterpiece of modern living: Kauai Oak Haven. Designed to seamlessly blend with the island's natural beauty, this residence embodies tranquility and sophistication. At its heart lies a captivating feature—meticulously crafted Rift White Oak Cabinets by Norelco Cabinets.

Kauai Oak Haven embraces the concept of bringing the outdoors in, harmonizing the rich hues of Rift White Oak with the surrounding lush greenery and azure skies. The clean, simple lines of the cabinet design accentuate the organic beauty of the wood, creating a space that feels both modern and rooted in nature.



  • Door Style: 3/4" Slab 3mm Edge and 1" thick x 3 1/2" Wide Shaker C/W Louvered Center Panels 
  • Species: Rift White Oak - Horizontal Grain Match
  • Colour: Natural