Norelco's October 2022 Highlights

We would like to share with you the latest updates and highlights from Norelco! Whether it's celebrating our team, our product or maybe possbily celebrating the news from the  builders/designers/dealers/contractors we work closely with. 

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Norelco's October Feature Project - Metropolitan Bliss

Welcome to Metropolitan Bliss by Norelco Designer Jennifer Mellon.

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Want to learn the trade | No experience is required | On site job training

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Celebrating 50 Years!

As we celebrate our 50th Anniversary, we also want to celebrate the relationships that have allowed us to get to where we are, because without them, we would not be in the position today in celebrating 50 years. It was once said, ‘Take the time to just celebrate’, and that is exactly what we have been taking part in this year to reflect, celebrate and to thank those around us.

This past month we celebrated with Norelco's Golden Anniversary Client Appreciation Night!

Thank you for helping us reach this milestone of 50 years of being a locally owned and operated cabinet manufacturer. Cheers to you for all your support throughout the years! 

Photography from Norelco's very own - Jonny Fussell Photography

D43A0726.jpg D43A0912.jpg D43A0720.jpg D43A0749.jpg D43A0766.jpg D43A0802.jpg D43A0842.jpg IMG_7776.jpg D43A0875.jpg D43A0888.jpg D43A0901.jpg D43A0928.jpg D43A0696.jpg D43A0952.jpg IMG_7691.jpg IMG_7700.jpg IMG_7706.jpg IMG_7714.jpg IMG_7719.jpg IMG_7743.jpg IMG_7745.jpg IMG_7754.jpg D43A0715.jpg D43A0679.jpg D43A0420.jpg D43A0506.jpg D43A0427.jpg D43A0408.jpg D43A0444.jpg D43A0447.jpg D43A0468.jpg D43A0474.jpg D43A0489.jpg D43A0499.jpg D43A0500.jpg D43A0542.jpg D43A0670.jpg D43A0545.jpg D43A0549.jpg D43A0551.jpg D43A0566.jpg D43A0570.jpg D43A0591.jpg D43A0608.jpg D43A0622.jpg D43A0632.jpg D43A0637.jpg IMG_7807.jpg


We are now offering financing with Valley First Credit Union!

Valley First is more than just our local credit union, but here to help local businesses and homeowners in our community, which is why we are excited about this new partnership to provide exclusive financing for Norelco Cabinets clients!

If anyone wants more details on how this works, please email !


Giving Back!

As we continue to build our relationship with Wilden/Blenk Development and to help support our community, we were able to help sponsor the 5th Annual Wild One Run in support of improving youth mental health. With this past event that recently took place, $11,300 was raised and then Blenk Development matched the amount resulting in an overall total of $22,600! 
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