West Bay Reno

Cottage - Country

Welcome to the West Bay Reno! A main floor that was closed off with multiple rooms; living room, breakfast nook, dining room and of course the kitchen that made this home feel small, dated and dark. These homeowners knew as soon as they walked into their home that it was meant to be, it was their home. They could see the vision of opening up the main floor and could more importantly see their family grow in this space. It was a home that was so well taken care of previously, that they knew they could put the same amount of love, possibly more into creating this home to be their forever home. West Bay Construction exceeded the clients expectations on this reno, and we were proud to lend a helping hand in creating this kitchen.  

Norelco Designer - Jennifer Mellon


  • Wood Type: MDF
  • Door Style: Shaker M38
  • Finish: Vanilla Milkshake and Overcoat CC-544
  • Crown: 2 piece to ceiling




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