The Modern Soho

Modern - Contemporary

The strength of the white cabinetry with the grey throughout, while still highlighting the wood features is beautifully executed in this new build by Rykon Construction, and with the help from Norelco Designer Lisa Kneller. The kitchen design in this luxury modern, high gloss finish of Soho Warm White is clean, while the design captures a unique interest of elegance. This particular product has a surface that is strengthened and protected by a UV topcoat making it the most durable high gloss finish in the market. The choice of having the Medina White Melamine in the laundry is a great mix of texture compared to the gloss in the kitchen, providing a soft light contrast. The home then features the butternut, black dark brown of the Tafisa Melamine of After Hours in the bathrooms adding a rich rustic texture to each space.




  • Door Style/Finish: Slab in Soho - Stijle in Warm White

  • Hardware: BP527 - 195 - Brush Nickel


Laundry Room:

  • Door Style/Finish: Slab in Prism Melamine in Medina White

  • Hardware: BP71250-140 Chrome


Bathrooms/Hall Cabinet:

  • Door Style/Finish: Slab in Tafisa Melamine in After Hours

  • Hardware: BP71250-140 Chrome



Norelco Designer - Lisa Kneller


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