Moonlight Haven

Traditional - Classic

Welcome to the Moonlight Haven built by Rykon Construction at Predator Ridge, by Norelco Designer Lisa Kneller. A three tone kitchen featuring Moonlight White, Matte Black and a custom stain on Rift White Oak celebrates the uniqueness and precise details to make these three contrasting colours coordinate within one another. Moonlight White brings forward silvery green undertones which lend a soothing, relaxed quality to this versatile white and the Matte Black gears towards undertones of a grey navy creating a striking feature without being too intense with the use of using the Shaker 3 1/4" door style and being paired against the richness of the Rift White Oak Custom Stain. 

Norelco Designer - Lisa Kneller


  • Wood Type: MDF & Rift White Oak
  • Door Style & Finish: Shaker 3 1/4" in Moonlight White/Matte Black and a Custom Stain 
  • Crown: Crown 342 & Riser
  • Hardware: 9783-DBK and 9765-128-DBK


  • Bathroom: Shaker 3 1/4" in a Custom Stain on Rift White Oak
  • Mainfloor Bar: Shaker 3 1/4" in Matte Black
  • Basement Bar: Shaker 3 1/4" in Hal Navy



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