Mill Springs Blue

Rustic - Craftsman

This infill built by West Bay Construction truly focused on bringing the outdoors in with a rustic, cottage twist, while adding in a pop of colour to add vibrance to the space. The pairing of having natural wood with concrete, the mix of laminate vs quartz, and foil vs painted cabinetry highlights a various of different materials, textures and accents that truly represents what these homeowners aspired for. West Bay Construction has a hands-on, locally made approach who takes pride in their workmanship, which clearly is indicated with the attention to detail in this kitchen. 



  • Door Style: Shaker 300
  • Species: Foil
  • Colour: White
  • Crown: 2"H Square
  • Hardware: Newham Transitional Pull 9637
  • Countertop: Laminate Dark Honeycomb
  • Floating Shelves: VG Fir


  • Door Style: Shaker
  • Species: MDF
  • Colour: HC-137 Mill Spring Blue
  • Cabinet Interior: Baltic Birch Dragon Ply
  • Countertop: Quartz - Hanstone Airimus


Norelco Designer - Jennifer Mellon



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