Hickory Dream

Cottage - Country

The beauty of Hickory! 

Hickory is considered the hardest of the commercially available hardwoods in North America. There may be a wood that is stronger or one that is denser, but non have hickory's unique combination of strength, density, stiffness and toughness. These homeowners knew that Hickory would be the perfect fit for their kitchen due to this. 

This custom home by Logan Contracting was built for an extraordinary family. Having a large family (nine children), while also having three of the children in wheelchairs, this family knew it was time to build the home that could truly function for the entire family. One of the main reasons why these homeowners decided on using Hickory was simply due to how strong it is, while also being durable and forgiving. The first time the children came into the home, the kids were overjoyed that they could actually use everything in the kitchen! Notice the detail under the sink, the two side outlets and the amount of space these children can wheel around in. Norelco designer Durwin Werner worked very closely with the homeowners in building the functionality on the lowers to fit the needs of everyone in the household. 




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  • Door Style: Slab
  • Colour: Hickory Vertical Grain Match (Natual Finish)
  • Hardware: BP801160-900
  • Crown: 3" Crown Riser