Field Farmhouse

Cottage - Country

Welcome to Field Farmhouse by Pano Homes with Norelco Designer Sukh Kaila. While there continues to be a change with farmhouse style with adding contemporary accents, it is still wonderful to come across a true classic farmhouse while adding in the traditional, vintage accents that made this style so very popular in the first place. Bringing back the pairing of the Shaker, Slab and the Bead Board shapes the style, while the brick and shiplap and wood detail warms the space and gives it a vintage aspect.

Norelco Designer - Sukh Kaila


  • Wood Type: MDF 
  • Door Style & Finish: 5 Piece 1 3/4" Shaker in Vanilla Milkshake
  • Hardware: BP872634-195/BP8716128-195
  • Crown: Riser Cm 342
  • Countertop: Cambria Cuddington



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