Alder Storm

Traditional - Classic

Alder Storm is located in the hills of Peachland over looking Okanagan Lake in Lauren Heights. This home was built by Jazel Homes 'who stands behind their own quality service assurance. From expert craftsmanship to post-project service support, we have you covered'. The clear alder in the storm fogged portrays a sophisticated earthly strength of elegance. The thickness of the countertop bar area is giving a bright contrast to the cabinetry, while still tying in with the design. The basement kitchen, might be small in size, but feels grand with the cabinetry trailing up to the ceiling, while adding the floating shelving to break up the cabinetry that gives more contrast and a flow to the space while trying to keep the space open. 



  • Door Style: Ivens
  • Species: Clear Alder
  • Colour: 20158A - Storm Fogged
  • Hardware: 9635-192-BNI & 9635-320-BNI


Norelco Designer - Sukh Kaila



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