Kenar Jakarsizian

Sales & Design Consultant

Originally from the United Arab Emirates, Kenar Jakarsizian obtained her Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from Abu Dhabi University in 2015. She worked as an interior designer in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi before moving to Canada with her husband in 2018. Since then, Kenar has been designing kitchens in Canada and has developed a passion for creating functional and beautiful spaces for her clients.

Kenar’s design philosophy revolves around projects where she can transform the space into something more aesthetically pleasing, functional, and tailored to her clients’ lifestyles and needs. While she has experience with various design styles, her favorite is the minimalistic modern style, which embodies the concept of “less is more.”

Apart from her work, Kenar enjoys exploring the natural beauty of Canada, discovering new places, and cities. She is drawn to the sun and beach, which led her and her husband to choose the Okanagan as their new home since it reminded them of hometown’s landscape.